The RMTs at Massage Now are able to offer Direct Billing to most major insurance companies for your convenience. A list of participating insurance providers is available below. If your insurance provider is not one that we can direct bill, you will still be provided with a receipt that you can submit manually for reimbursement.


Direct Billing Policies:


The first time we direct bill on your behalf, you will be required to pay for your treatment up front. We will submit the treatment to your insurance provider and have them direct the repayment to you. On follow up appointments we can submit the billing to be payable to the clinic, and you would only be responsible for payment of any amount not covered by your insurance provider.


If you have more than one insurance provider, we will only direct bill to your primary insurance plan. Any amount that is not covered by your primary insurance plan will need to be paid for by you. You will receive a receipt which you can then submit to your secondary provider for repayment.