What Does the Annual Membership Cost?


The annual membership fee is $100.00 plus HST, paid at the start of your membership year and lasting for 365 days.


Who Can Use My Discounted Rates?


The discounted member rates will apply to you as the Primary Member, and up to 6 additional family or household members. The additional members must live at the same address as the Primary Member. 


Do I Have to Come in Once a Month?


Absolutely not. Unlike the old membership model, the annual fee gives you access to the membership prices no matter how much or how little you come in. This means if you want to disappear for a few months, you can. If you want to come 17 times in a single month, you can. If you want to come once a month…yep, you can!


Do I have to Give You My Credit Card Info? / Will My Credit Card be Charged? 


NO. The old system required us to keep your credit card on file and charge it if you missed a month. The new annual fee completely removes that whole unpleasant process from our membership. You never have to give us your credit card information and quite frankly we never want the responsibility of storing it or chasing down un-billable cards again! You simply pay the annual fee in person or online, using debit, credit or cash – and that’s it! (You will obviously need to pay for your treatment each time you come in as well). 


Is There a Cancellation Fee if I Want to End my Contract Early?


The Primary Member may cancel their membership contract at any time without penalty or additional fees by
using the following methods.

– Online membership cancellation form at

– Deliver written notice to the clinic in person

– Deliver written notice to the clinic by mail


Upon receipt of the written cancellation, the Primary Member can arrange with the Clinic to be fully refunded for any unused portion of the annual fee; minus any discounts received through use of membership priced treatments. Refunds will be handled in person at the Clinic, by cash or electronic transfer. A refund receipt will be issued at that time.


Example: If you paid the annual fee and received two treatments at the membership rate, the discount on those treatments would be $20 per treatment for a total of $40 in discounts. If you then cancelled your membership, a refund would be issued for $60 (the $100 fee – $40 worth of discounts). You would arrange to meet with a representative at the Clinic, who would then issue the refund via cash or E-Transfer.


Will my Insurance Cover the Annual Fee?

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that your extended health care coverage will pay for your annual membership fees. We will provide you with a receipt detailing payment of the annual fee for access to membership prices, but you will have to ask your insurance provider if they will cover the annual fee or not.