Direct Billing Policy

First Time Billings:
When direct billing for the first time we require you to pay for the treatment up front. We will submit the billing to your insurance provider and have them pay you back directly. 

This is done for first time billings only, to ensure your employer allows third party billing and to avoid any non-payments due to 'Processing' messages from the insurer

On re-occurring visits, we can bill the insurance company and have them pay us. You would just cover any outstanding portion.

Partial Payments:
If your insurance plan only covers part of the treatment cost, you are responsible for paying the outstanding amount immediately. Please always come prepared to pay for your treatment in case the insurance claim is denied or your coverage reaches is maximum benefit amount. 

Some plans require you to pay a deductible either annually or per-treatment. Talk to your plan coordinator (typically the H.R. department at your place of employment) to find out if you have a deductible and be prepared to pay it if required. 

Direct Billing is a Courtesy not a Right:
We have chosen to offer direct billing to our clients as a courtesy to make your life easier. It takes significantly more effort, tracking, paperwork and time on the part of your RMT and admin staff to provide this service for you so please always remember that Direct Billing is a privilege not a right. 

There will be times when direct billing is not possible due to system errors, provider server downtime or host failures - all outside of our control. You are expected to pay for treatment in these cases and you can submit your receipt to insurance manually. 

We reserve the right to decline to direct bill at any time. 

Insurance Plans We Can Direct Bill

If your insurance company is not listed below, we can't direct bill them. You will receive a signed receipt after every treatment that you can submit to your insurance for coverage manually.

Telus E-Claims
  • Chamber of Commerce Group
  • Great West Life
  • Standard Life
  • Cowan 
  • Sunlife Financial
  • Desjardins
  • Manulife, OTIP
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Maximum Benefit
  • First Canadian
Provider Connect
  • Green Shield Canada
  • SSQ Insurance
Blue Cross Canada
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Blue Cross Coverage
  • RCMP