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Massage Now is always looking to interview RMTs who are passionate about their chosen profession and who want to thrive as a Massage Therapist, whether they are just starting out or have been practicing for years. 

We offer a true 'Independent Contractor" position while providing you with all the support, room and supplies you need to treat your clients. Our goal is to minimize your risk and expenses so you can focus on doing what you love, rather than being mired with the administration and business aspects of a Massage Therapy career. 

Use this page to learn more about what Massage Now has to offer, what sets us apart from other clinics and why you should grow your practice as part of the Massage Now Team.  

About the Clinic

As proudly stated on our main page, Massage Now is a locally developed small business, not a franchise or chain. The clinic is owned by a fellow RMT who understands the unique demands and challenges of our chosen health-care profession, and makes sure we're always adhering to the Regulated Health Professions Act, Health and Safety Mandates as well as CMTO Guidelines.

We have a warm and welcoming waiting area, seven (7) large treatment rooms, two washrooms and an extra large private lounge / note taking area for the RMTs. We also have an automated, full body massage chair for client use and for RMT self care. Coming in mid-2019, we will have a Remedial Exercise room complete with resistance bands, matted floor space for facilitated stretching, and more.  

Since opening in 2014, we have grown our active client roster to over 4700 individuals! Through constant advertisement, community engagement 
and good old fashioned word-of-mouth, Massage Now has become a known business in our community with hundreds of families choosing to use us for their alternative / supplemental health care needs.

RMT Testimonial:
"Massage Now is an example of what massage clinics should all strive to be like. I have been in practice for 11 years and am no stranger to what makes an outstanding clinic. The owner, Steve has created a place where therapists work in spacious, beautifully decorated treatment rooms with quality equipment. He offers a competitive wage, that is fair for even veteran therapists like myself. 

The clinic has a large clientele that keeps all therapists busy. This is a wonderful place for new or veteran therapists as it will provide a steady income. I traveled from Hamilton to work at Massage Now because the clinic, clients and wages provided were all worth it. I HIGHLY recommend Massage Now."

- Amanda Walton, RMT

A Quick Glance

Why should you join the Team?

1000s of Clients

Massage Now has an ever growing client roster of thousands of clients and families. You'll be as busy as you want - without much (if any) advertising on your part. 

Constant Marketing

We're active on the socials, online advertising, road-side signage, direct mail advertising and more, ensuring you are found and never lacking in clientelle. 

Online Booking

We make it easy for clients to book with you! They also receive confirmation and reminder emails and texts. You can check and modify your schedule from anywhere with your phone, tablet or computer. 

Prime Location

The plaza sees daily traffic counts of approx 28,000 vehicles. The clinic has excellent visibility, is situated on the ground floor and is wheelchair accessible.


Ninja Coffee Bar:
Our break room has a Ninja Coffee / Latte machine for team members to use because lets face it; a caffeinated massage therapist is a happy massage therapist. 

Self Care Massage Chair:
Team members get use of the MC-3000 full body shiatsu and kneading massage chair (any day, any time) to help keep them limber and pain free. 

Above Average Pay Scale:
Team members are paid on a fantastic fee-for-service basis and are averaging between $37,000-$42,000 per year (working only 15 to 20 hands on hours per week). That's take home pay, in pocket! 

No Overhead Costs:
Ever tried to run a business? Its expensive!  Team members here are supported with linens, laundry, lotions, payment processing (debit/credit) and an automated reception system; all at the expense of the clinic. Team members save hundreds of dollars in expenses per month. 

I have been working as an RMT for over 9 years and Massage Now has been hands down, the most fair company I have ever worked with. 

Often when businesses have RMT’s as Independent Contractors, the owner treats them like employees and things get very uncomfortable. Not here. You get a clear concise contract with very fair terms. You are treated properly, with respect as an Independent Contractor. 

I am more busy and content working at Massage now than anywhere else I have been in my 9+ year career. I have been here since 2014 and plan on being here for a very long time.

Andrew Jones


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